Headlamp, as the main source of illumination, is regarded as one of the most significant lamps to vehicle. Besides common features, regulations against beam pattern bring additional challenges to headlamp. After all, your safety is the ultimate goal that drives us forward. In that regard, we view vehicle lighting from the perspective that matters most - Yours. Over the years EAGLE has been working with our partners to continuously improving our passing and driving beams. Qualifying regulations is our bottom line. We strive to deliver perfect illumination for road-use. 
Our headlamps offer three versions to use legally on road:

 ECE/RHT version: suitable for right-hand-traffic use in Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa.
 ECE/LHT version: suitable for left-hand-traffic use in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, UK and etc.
 SAE/DOT version: suitable for right-hand-traffic use in United States of America and Canada.
  • E-MARK

    European regulatory certification
    for on highway use.

  • CE

    CE is a mandatory conformity mark
    for products in the European
    Economic Area.

  • DOT

    The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
    Standard regulates all
    automotive lighting, signaling,
    and reflective devices in the U.S.A.
    and is enforced by the
    Department of Transportation.

  • EMC

    EMC and EMI certifies that a
    product does not interfere with
    other electrical products.
    This includes CISPR 25 Certifications.

  • SAE

    International develops standards
    for the engineering of powered
    vehicles mainly in the U.S.A. and
    Canada, including cars, trucks,
    boats, aircraft, and more.

  • IP69K

    In one test system, the products
    are exposed to a water pressure
    of up to 120 bar and a water
    temperature of 85°C. This test
    simulates cleaning in a carwash
     or with a pressure cleaner.

  • Polarity reversal protection

    Even if the connecting cable is
    connected with reverse polarity,
    there is still no danger to the

  • Vibration

    Ensure that the lights are not prone
    to failure from vibration in harsh

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